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Vampire Facelift Miami, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma)

CG Cosmetic Surgery is excited to add PRP to our offering of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is the newest procedure that complements and occasionally substitutes the use of Botox and Juvederm.

What is Platelet-Rich Plasma know as PRP?

While Botox has to be reapplied every 3-4 months, and Juvederm every 10 months to a year depending on the formulation, PRP is longer lasting and can be injected in areas where Botox cannot be used, especially around the eyes. PRP is also affordable, non-toxic and does not produce adverse or allergic reactions since is obtained from your own blood.

Human blood is full of cells that help with healing. One of these cells are the Platelets. They not only help in the coagulation process but also in attracting other cells and growth factors to the injured area. This promotes the regeneration of lost tissue. Most of these tissue regenerating substances are present in plasma. By concentrating the amount of platelets and growth factors, improvement in the desired area can be obtained.

PRP has been used for over 20 years in surgery as a surgical ‘glue’ to seal difficult incisions, enhancing wound healing in Cancer patients with jaw reconstruction, in Sport Medicine and more recently in Cardiovascular Surgery and Aesthetic cosmetic procedures.

Available Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP Options

At this moment PRP use in aesthetic procedures can be delivered in two forms:

1. Superficially by the use of “CosmoPen” or dermal rollers.
This produces a superficial puncture of the skin where plasma can penetrate.

2. Injecting PRP directly under the superficial skin layers similar of what is done with dermal fillers.
This is the procedure we are using at CG Cosmetic Center, since we believe it is how the maximal results can be achieved.

How Vampire Facelift - Platelet-Rich Plasma Works

After a consultation with the Doctor and verification that the patient has normal blood levels (CBC and Platelet count) a 30 ml amount of blood is obtained. This blood is then centrifuged for 15 minutes to separate and obtain the Platelet Rich Plasma, using a specially developed dual spin centrifuge. This will deliver 3-4 ml of PRP. The Doctor, or and assistant, will apply a numbing cream to the area to be treated. After 15-30 minutes, the area is cleaned and sanitized and the doctor will apply the PRP using a small needle with very little or no discomfort.

Benefits of using Vampire Facelift - Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP

There is very little down time since it can be done at the doctors office and you can go back to work the same day. There are very few contraindications. It cannot be used on patients that are taking Aspirin or other anti coagulants, or patients that have an active infection at the injection site.

Most patients need only one application per year, but some do better with 2. This depends on your body’s regenerative abilities.

Where can PRP be injected: PRP can be apply to the forehead, upper eyelid/lower eyelid area to reduce wrinkles, and to the nasal-labial folds and marionette lines to provide volume to this area. Results can be seen within weeks of the procedure and continue to improve for several months to a year.

As with other procedures the patient will need to sign a consent for treatment, have before and after pictures taken, and return to see the Doctor 6 weeks after injection.

Re-treatment can be done if needed after this time.

Not all PRP is prepared the same:

With the use of the Dual Spin Centrifuge we can be sure to provide the most concentrated platelets and growth factors that have shown to provide tissue regeneration. This procedure is similar to the “Vampire lift” but more aesthetically pleasing.

Take advantage of this opportunity and call at 305 446-7277 for your free consultation today.

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