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Congratulations. If you are reading this and live in Miami, you already experience the glorious weather and gorgeous beaches that our area is known for. The multilingual society, vibrant nightlife, and incredible shopping make our city one of the most sought-after home addresses in the world. To confidently enjoy the white sand beaches and crystal blue waters while looking your best, consider meeting with one of our board-certified Miami plastic surgeons.

CG Cosmetic Surgery offers the latest in plastic surgery, performed by some of the finest plastic surgeons in South Florida. All are highly skilled plastic surgeons who use sophisticated approaches and attention to detail for cosmetic surgery candidates. Complimentary consultations are available for patients who want to learn more about plastic surgery procedures, such as having a tummy tuck, liposuction, a nose job, butt lifts, or facial plastic surgery. The Center's excellent reputation for specializing in all forms of breast augmentation, including breast lifts and enlargements, comes from having many satisfied and happy patients. Whether you want to boost your confidence or look as young as you feel, a qualified plastic surgeon from CG Cosmetic Surgery has the training and experience to help you.

At our Miami Plastic Surgery Center, specialists deliver the service and quality you deserve and can work with you to discuss all available options to ensure you have the best results. Breast enlargement patients can choose between silicone or saline breast implants in a size and shape that suits them best. Your surgeon will recommend the implant placement either over or under the chest muscle (sub-muscular), depending on your desired size and type of procedure.

Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures

Face PET Lift

The New Face PET Lift.

No cuts, No Threads, No Surgery!

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Injectables and fillers treatments

Injectables & Fillers Treatments

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Top 10 Plastic Surgeons in Florida

If you want to have a cosmetic surgery procedure performed, you want to ensure that you are only choosing one of the top plastic surgeons in Miami, Florida. Unfortunately, if you do not choose a well-qualified surgeon, you will find that you are unhappy with the results you receive, and you will need to undergo the procedure again to ensure that you get the results you want. Before settling on the first surgeon you meet, you should ask them questions and weigh the different facts presented to you to help you choose the right surgeon to do the job.

  • What procedure do they recommend for you?
  • How many other surgeries like yours have they performed?
  • Are you a good candidate?
  • What are the risks involved?
  • How and where is the procedure performed?
  • What is the pre and post-operative care?
  • If something goes wrong, how do you handle it?
  • Is there anything I need to do to get the best results?
  • Are the results permanent? Or will I need touchups?

Of course, you can ask your surgeon many more questions, and you should; the best plastic surgeons in Florida will provide an answer to all those questions and more. You need to make sure that you are comfortable with the person performing the surgery and that the surgeon is as experienced as they say. Remember, it is your face and body you must live with the procedure's results. If you do it right the first time, you will be happy and never look back.

Textured breast implants: Due to the rising health concern of textured breast implants, we are making an official statement with Dr. Freiman - certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons - CG Cosmetic Surgery has never used textured implants. Read more here

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It is with great pleasure we announce CG Cosmetic Surgery is now an ALLERGAN PARTNER PRIVILEGES (APP) Top 50. You have achieved an impressive #1 ranking, demonstrating your commitment to patient care and loyalty to the Allergan portfolio of aesthetics products.

Based on the volume of Allergan products a physician uses, he or she is awarded status levels starting at Silver and progressing through Gold, Platinum, Platinum-Plus, Diamond, and finally to Black Diamond. Black Diamond status is awarded to only the top 1% of Allergan’s injectors nationwide.

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