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Brazilian Butt Lift From $3,500

Using your own fat from unwanted areas such as the back, abdomen, hips, and thighs! to enhance the size and shape of your booty.


Brazilian Butt Lift in Miami

Are you concerned with the size and shape of your buttocks? CG Cosmetic Surgery and its board certified plastic surgeons are here to help with brazilian butt lift. Augmenting the buttocks is a popular plastic surgery procedure that can assist someone in enhancing the size and shape of their rear end. Women in search of a more curvaceous figure or who are just unhappy with their current look can benefit from implants. Men and women with a flat-shaped butt can enhance their look with this procedure. The results can help to increase confidence and make people feel more attractive.

Fat-transfer to the buttock, more commonly called a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL, uses fat harvested via liposuction from patients’ thighs, back, abdomen, or hips, and transfers the fat harvested to enhance shape, size, and projection of the patient’s back side. The buttocks are a difficult area of the body to shape through exercise, but the shape and size of the buttocks has significant influence on the aesthetics of the torso.

Shapely, round buttocks can make the waist and thighs appear smaller, bring the upper torso into more pleasing proportion, and convey a youthful appearance in general. As such, buttock enhancement surgery is often a viable option for patients who hope to reshape their physique to create a more aesthetically balanced and youthful appearance. The procedure is designed to fill the upper quadrant of your buttocks so that the butt appears lifted and perky. The resulting effect is a more attractive and sensuous appearance overall.

Fat Transfer To Buttock

The Brazilian butt lift is done by a process called fat grafting. The use of fat grafting has revolutionized buttock augmentation. Compared to buttock implants, it is safer and requires less operative time (just 90 minutes). It has less pain and discomfort post-operatively, and requires minimal recuperation. An additional benefit is that in removing fat from the donor site(s) to be used for the grafting, such as the abdomen, the patient also benefits from a liposuction to the donor site. Brazilian butt lift in Florida has become one of the most popular procedures performed for the past five years.

Best Plastic Surgeons for Brazilian Butt Lift

At CG Cosmetic we offer patients superior care at the skillful hands of our amazing team of plastic surgeons. Having carried out numerous Brazilian butt lifts, patients can find some of the most talented plastic surgeons for their Brazilian butt lift in Miami.

A word of advise: Do your homework before your initial consultation, and communicate your desires clearly with the chosen surgeon, using pictures of what you would like your results to look like is a great way to start, at the same time you should have realistic expectations, look for people who's overall body structure are similar to yours when seeking the right shape and size.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Following surgery, patients wear a special surgical garment for one to two weeks for comfort and to minimize swelling. Most people can return to work in two weeks, provided you do only a minimum amount of sitting. You can resume progressive exercise after two weeks, gradually getting back to the preoperative level after about six weeks. However, you should be able to resume all normal activities at four weeks post op.

Because the procedure involves simply moving fat from another area of the patient's body, it provides the additional body sculpting effect of reducing the fat in areas where it's unwanted. The procedure usually takes about one and a half to two hours, and is performed under IV sedation. Because the donor cells come from the patient's own body, fat injection enhancement carries no risk of the body rejecting the implanted cells.

Brazilian Butt Lift shapes the body by removing fat usually from those unwanted areas such as back, abdomen, thighs and hips and transferring it to the buttocks area. Butt implants on the other hand are made of silicone or saline implants and inserted into the buttocks.

Yes, additional areas of your body may be eligible for Liposuction along with the Brazilian Butt Lift. Ask one of our srgical care coordinator to learn more about these options.

Brazilian Butt Lift cost in US can range between $6,000 and $9,000 - At CG Cosmetic we are currently runnig a special on BBL starting at $3,500 - Book a consultation to evaluate your candidacy, and remember, the price should not be a factor when choosing a surgeon to perform your procedure, make sure the surgeon has experience performing this procedure and is board certified by the american board of plastic surgery. 

Results varies significantly from patient to patient depending on the surgeon, the patient's body and other factors. The body can absorb anywhere from 20% to 95% of the transferred fat. This means that the surgeon will transfer more fat than is actually wanted to compensate for that which will be reabsorbed. That said; fat transfers tend to last longer than other fillers, with results reportedly lasting for years instead of months.

The patient would need to have sufficient fat in other areas of the body including abdomen, thighs, back and hips to be removed using liposuction. Overweight patients might have to lose some weight before Brazilian Butt Lift or opt for a different procedure, CG Cosmetic Surgery requires a BMI below 31.

Recommendation for patients who underwent buttock lift surgery:

  • Avoid putting weight on the buttocks.
  • Lie in a lateral position or get a BBL pillow
  • Wear a postoperative compressive garment.
  • Strenuous activities should restricted for at least 4 weeks.

Something to keep in mind when you are deciding between a fat transfer or implants to your buttocks, is what it is you are putting inside. An implant is a foreign object that is being implanted which increases your risks of rejection and infection. A fat transfer is essentially your own fat. Butt implants also take longer to heal.

Most health insurance plans do not cover the costs of buttocks augmentation. Elective surgeries, such as this or breast augmentation, are not required and, therefore, not paid for by an insurance plan. CG Cosmetic Surgery lists cash prices on its website. All fees are due prior to completion of any procedure. To help patients achieve their goals of a shapelier, youthful appearance, CG Cosmetic Surgery does offer financing through third-party companies.

CG Cosmetic Surgery offers a variety of financing options from some of the nation’s most respected companies in the industry. There are low monthly payment options, with no annual fees, up-front costs, or prepayment penalties. Companies like Care Credit, and United Medical Credit make the application process very simple. Prospective patients can find links to each company here as well as other payment options. learn more about  and get approved in just minutes. 

Most plastic surgeons usually post BBL results on social media such as Instagram and Facebook, and this is an excellent opportunity for you to engage, ask questions and gain insides on what to expect when choosing a surgeon. The best BBL surgeons in Miami regularly have many before and after cases to showcase, from big bbl surgery to more conservative results.

Are there such things as cheap BBL? Yes, we all heard stories in the news in which patients were injected with toxic foreign substances into their buttocks, causing a variety of health issues. Be kind to yourself and make sure the physician performing the BBL is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience.


Don't worry you are not alone, just give us a call to schedule your initial consultation and one of our trained care coordinators will be able to assist you!

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Exercise or BBL? 

No matter how much you work out, your backside isn't changing... sounds familiar? Then Brazilian Butt Lift might be right option for you.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Before and After

Brazilian Butt Lift Before
Brazilian Butt Lift After
Brazilian Butt Lift Before
Brazilian Butt Lift After
Brazilian Butt Lift Before
Brazilian Butt Lift After
Brazilian Butt Lift Before
Brazilian Butt Lift After

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Financing Your Procedure

If you have always wanted to make your appearance more youthful with a buttocks augmentation but something was holding you back, CG Cosmetic Surgery can make your dreams a reality. Plastic surgery procedures, brazilian butt lift included, require payment up front. This is often a barrier to having something done.


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