The plastic surgery training in Brazil is one of the world’s best. I am proud to be a Brazilian plastic surgeon who works in Miami.

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Decio Carvalho Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Now Practicing in Miami.

Dr. Decio Carvalho is a Brazilian Plastic Surgeon graduated in 1997 from Universidade Estadual de Lodrina, and completed his residence of Plastic Surgery in one of the most renowned hospitals in the country – Irmadade da Santa Casa de Sao Paulo. Dr. Carvalho completed his mastership in General Surgery from the Universidade Estadual de Lodrina and his post-doctoral fellowship in Stem Cell Therapy from University of Miami.

After completing his residency in Plastic Surgery in Brazil, Dr. Carvalho practiced in his private office and performed breast reconstruction at Cancer Hospital in Londrina – Brazil (pro-bono).

After finishing his training in Brazil and starting his own practice, Dr. Carvalho moved to the United States and finished his surgical training at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

In addition to his extensive education, Dr. Carvalho is trained in and employs state-of-the-art instruments and procedures in his practice. Dr. Carvalho frequently uses various laser-based technologies to perform skin rejuvenation, hair removal, and treat aged and sun-damaged skin. Dr. Carvalho has performed more than a thousand plastic/cosmetic procedures.

His expertise, training and education makes Dr. Decio Carvalho your choice for cosmetic and aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Decio Carvalho is not certified by the American Board Of Plastic Surgery.



  • Medical Doctor: Universidade Estadual de Londrina
  • General Surgery Residency : Santa Casa de São Paulo
  • Plástic Surgery: Santa Casa de São Paulo
  • Plastic Surgeon Specialist: SBCP – Brasilian Societ Sociedade Brasileira de Cirurgia Plástica
  • Master’s Degree in General Surgery: Universidade Estadual de Londrina


  • Post Doctoral Fellow Ship in Stem Cell Therapy at University of Miami
  • General Surgery at Jackson Memorial Hospital (2 yeras)


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