Over the past 25 years,widely respected reputation due to his surgical judgment and superb technical skills.


Robert Hunsaker Plastic Surgeon at CG Cosmetic 

Dr. Robert H. Hunsaker is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, specializing in cosmetic plastic surgery of the face and body, whether you want something like breast augmentation, or an in-depth understanding of facelift surgery, the caring and helpful environment will undoubtedly aide you in making the right decision. Dr. Hunsaker was elected a fellow of the prestigious Fellowship of the American College of Surgeons. He has been involved in research involving diseases of heart muscle, microvascular surgery, developing improved breast implants, and improved techniques for facelifting.

Dr. Hunsaker has published multiple research papers and has been a guest on many television and radio programs. He has also been invited to speak to plastic surgeons around the globe from Japan to Bahrain, England to South America. He has served patients from 32 countries and 26 states and is a member of many local, regional, and national medical and plastic surgery organizations.

While Dr. Hunsaker does maintain operating privileges at Kendall Reginal Hospital and Baptist/Doctors’ Hospital, for the convenience and finances of his patients, most surgeries are performed at CG Cosmetic Surgery in our fully licensed/accredited surgical facility.


Robert Hunsaker Miami

CG Cosmetic Surgery surgeons are some of the most experienced, skilled and highly qualified in the industry. Watch the video to learn more about Dr. Hunsaker and what makes him stand out from the rest.   

Education And Training

  • Wittenberg University – (Honors)
  • Ohio State University College of Medicine (Honors)
  • University of North Carolina – Five-year general surgery residency, Chief Resident
  • City Hospital Regional Plastics Unit, Nottingham, England – 18-month special plastics fellowship
  • University of Miami School of Medicine – Plastic surgery residency under world-renowned plastic surgeon, Ralph Millard, Jr. M.D., Chief Resident
  • Former Associate Chief Plastic Surgery, University of Miami
  • Former Director, Plastic Surgery Residency Training Program, JMH/University of Miami


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 American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
 American Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
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