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Affordable Breast Augmentation Surgery in Florida 

Breast Augmentation in Miami

Throughout North America, breast augmentation surgery have improved self-esteem for thousands of women, breast augmentation Miami patients report feeling more feminine, more confident, and more attractive after having decided that breast augmentation surgery was right for them. Our doctors help patients across the United States, especially in cities such as Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Broward County and surrounding communities in South Florida.

Who is a candidate for breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is appropriate for women from all walks of life who meet certain basic requirements. Women who do choose augmentation frequently enjoy lasting self-esteem benefits.

How do I prepare for breast augmentation?

To best prepare breast augmentation Miami patients, they should be aware of the potential risks associated with any surgical procedure. They should consult with one of our board-certified plastic surgeon on desired size, basic requirements, and recommended steps to have a successful operation.

A note on overall health: Certain medical conditions can impact a patient's ability to obtain breast implants. For instance, people with an immune disorder or who have cancer are unsuitable candidates for the surgery. Breast augmentation is not an appropriate surgery for someone who is being pressured to change their appearance. Additionally, people affected by body image disorders and pregnant or breastfeeding women should wait until a more appropriate time to explore having their breasts enlarged. The board-certified plastic surgeons at CG Cosmetic offer advice and information on the options available to patients based on their specific circumstances and individual needs.

Our gallery breast augmentation before and after photos demonstrates the remarkable difference having breast augmentation surgery makes for our patients' shape.

What is the ideal age for breast augmentation?

As breast tissue can still be developing into the early '20s, breast enlargement surgery is generally for adult women in their mid-twenties and beyond. In some instances, teenagers may have the procedure; however, you must be 22 years old to receive silicone-filled breast implants. Advanced age is not a deterrent for undergoing breast augmentation surgery or getting implants, as long as the patient enjoys good general health.

Patients who have been pressured into surgery by others or who are affected by body image disorders should not have breast augmentation surgery. The procedure is also not appropriate for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Patients undergoing breast lift surgery sometimes choose to add implants to enjoy a more thorough transformation than either procedure makes possible on its own. See our plastic surgery, before-and-after pictures to see how breast augmentation can benefit your appearance.

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Getting Started With Breast Implants

Some of the essential topics to consider when preparing for breast augmentation is choosing the right implants. Size, shape, and fill material are all characteristics of implants that one of the GG Cosmetic physicians can help you to understand.

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Breast implants come in many different sizes and are measured in cc's (cubic centimeters), the most common size for breast implants at CG Cosmetic is between 400cc to 600cc, this doesn't mean that we only provide these sizes alone. An experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation can be invaluable in helping patients decide what size of the implant will best suit your anatomy. Implants that are too large can result in increased complications and are more likely to need revision surgery in the future.

There are two basic shapes to breast implants: round and teardrop. Round implants create the most dramatic cleavage. However, teardrop implants are considered by many to appear more realistic. Teardrop implants are textured, which helps keep them from slipping or rotating after surgery. The patients' decision on implant shape depends on how they want their new breasts to look.

There are two types of fill for breast implants: silicone or saline. Feedback from some patients indicates silicone implants feel most realistic. Silicone implants are ready before surgery, and they don't need to be filled, and therefore require a slightly larger incision than saline implants. Saline-filled implants come in smooth and textured shells, can be round or teardrop-shaped and ruptures are easier and faster to detect.

Gummy bear breast implants are the latest option available for replacement of silicone breast augmentation at CG Cosmetic. Gummy bear is just a friendly nickname, these gel based implants are superior at holding their shape over the types made from silicone and silicone.

Silicone and saline implants tend to feel natural following surgery, though they have their own unique drawbacks and advantages to each individual patient. Make sure to discuss with your doctor during consultation and ask him for personal opinions if you don’t know which one will suit you best.

Pregnancy should not intervene with the breast implants by any means even if you have implants beneath the muscle, however, as the breast stretches and shrinks with pregnancy, sagging skin may occur, to correct the issue a breast lift or bigger implants may be adequate.

Breast implants can last over 20 years for some individuals, while others may need a second surgery after some years. There is no particular way of finding out how long a type of implant will last, but some people may develop painful scar tissue or ruptures, which would require surgical removal or replacement.

Submuscular placement of breast implants is a slightly more invasive surgery where the surgeon places the implant under the patient's chest muscles. Results are thought to be more realistic than subglandular placement, where implants are placed above the chest muscles. Subglandular implant procedures involve shorter recovery times and smaller incisions for inserting the implant.

The location of the incision to insert their breast implants offers patients many choices. Patients may opt to have the incision in their inframammary fold, their armpit, areola, or navel. As inframammary and areola incisions offer the most control during implant procedures, patients returning for revision surgery will need an incision in one of these locations. It is important to note that armpit or navel incisions cannot accommodate silicone implants. They are also not possible for submuscular placement performed via a navel incision.

Silicone implants are approved for use in appropriate patients 22 years old and older and to get breast augmentation with saline-filled implants at least 18 years old.

In a breast augmentation, both types of anesthesia are available if the patient wishes one or the other. Many people prefer to use general anesthesia and will be asleep for these types of procedures. On the other hand, local anesthesia is better suited for smaller procedures like mini-biopsies. 

You should anticipate the breast augmentation procedure to be a full day process. Usually, patients arrive between 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. depending on how many people are having surgery that day. After checking in with the staff, they will review that the required paperwork is in order, then patients will be taken to the operating room for a pre-surgery consultation with the previously chosen surgeon, he or she will discuss your treatment plan in detail and review the goals of the procedure.

At CG Cosmetic, we provide affordable prices for breast implants candidates, making breast implants accessible to everyone performed by some of the most exceptional plastic surgeons in Miami, Florida. The price range across the United States can go from $4,000 up to $8,000 depending on the implant type and surgery, CG Cosmetic offers the best price for breast augmentation, starting at $2,500 for saline implants (All included, must be paid in full).

Breast Implants Surgeon, Dr. Ary Krau

Dr. Krau explains the breast augmentation procedure, going into details such us: implant placement, breast volume, type of implant, capsular contracture (CG's rate is less than 1% which is as low as as you can make it), on the same token Dr. Krau provides insights into implants with the augmentation mastopexy or breast lift, known to be the most complicated cosmetic breast surgery. His technique gives implants a good and stable shape with very low rate of displacement, very low rate of capsular contracturea and basically very low rate of revisions.

Breast Augmentation Before and After

Breast Augmentation Before
Breast Augmentation After
Breast Augmentation Before
Breast Augmentation After
Breast Augmentation Before
Breast Augmentation After
Breast Augmentation Before
Breast Augmentation After

To view more results, visit our before and after gallery.

Breast Augmentation Financing

What about financing? Yes, at CG Cosmetic, we provide different financing companies that can provide same-day approval, and you can select payment plans that fit your budget, for more information visit our financing page.


At CG Cosmetic Surgery we make it easy for patients to get access to payment plans, we work with some of the best financing companies in the industry providing loans for cosmetic procedures, learn more about cosmetic surgery financing and get approved in just minutes. 

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