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Bad Results, Capsular Contracture or Unsatisfactory Outcome?

You have never been satisfied with the result? Looking for implants replacement whether is type or size?


Breast Revision Surgery Miami

The process of a breast revision begins with your surgeon at CG Cosmetic Surgery working with you in your complimentary consultation to determine why you were unhappy with the results of your prior breast augmentation procedure. From there, your surgeon will work with you to develop a strategy for the breast revision.

As with breast augmentation, prior to the surgery you will come to an agreement with your CG Cosmetic Surgery Surgeon about a desired cup size and the type of incision that will be used in the procedure. Different incisions are used, although typically steps will be undertaken to reduce the appearance of scarring along the breasts, often by making incisions in the same locations as the prior breast augmentation surgery. From there, the overall procedure will differ depending on the reason for the breast revision. In some instances, the surgeon will need to change the size of the internal pocket of the breast tissue to make room for the new breast implant. In some instances, such as rippling of the tissue in which you are able to feel the implants below the breast tissue, it may be necessary to use a different type of implant in order to correct the issue.

Breast revision may be combined with other procedures such as a breast lift in situations where the implants have led to sagging of the breast tissue. Additional incisions or sutures may be required if during the breast revision procedure the surgeon will need to lift the nipple and areola into a new position. In instances where smaller implants are being inserted, it may also be necessary to remove some of the breast tissue, especially if the breast tissue has stretched due to the insertion of larger implants.

Our Miami plastic surgeons consult with patients, and work together to correct the aesthetic and medical complications they might be experiencing from a previous procedure that was performed elsewhere. The result is a look that is natural, anatomically correct, and symmetrical.

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Whether is capsular contracture, high-riding implants, ruptured implants or changing the size of breast implants, breast revision surgery is available at CG Cosmetic.

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