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Breast Implants Removal

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Breast Implants Removal in Miami

At CG cosmetic a breast implant removal surgery procedure is performed for different reasons, for example if you have a capsular contracture, pain, discomfort with implants, or there is a leakage in the capsule you might be a candidate for this procedure. Sometimes is just beacuse you no longer desire implants or your looking to exchange them.

Are you a candidate for breast implant removal?

In order to have a breast removed general anestashia is required and with any surgery you must be aware of the potential risks invloved. Consulting with one of our board certified plastic surgeon will help you achieve a successful operation but to make sure you are a candidate you should be physically healthy, quit smoking and have realistic expectations.

Breast implants removal surgery is performed on an outpatient basis at CG Cosmetic Surgery Center’s accredited surgical facility. Anesthesia and sedation medications will be provided for a more pleasant experience.

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How Much is breast implants removal?

 The price for the removal procedure starts at $2,000 and for breast implants exchange starts at $2,500. This includes operative room costs, surgeon fees, anesthesia and follow up visits. Financing plans available, contact us for more information. 

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Sometimes patients experience psychologic change when implants are removed but you know this is for a better cause that will ultimately benefit you. The visual changes include the different shape of the breast profile and flatter look, also due to scar tissue around you breasts indentations might occur.

If you are looking to remove and replace your current breast implants, we can lead you in the right direction, the price to replace breast implants varies based on the type of the implant chosen, for example, saline breast implants will start at $2,500 or for silicone breast implants the price starts at $3,000.

In order to find out if you can get implants removed and have your insurance company pay for it, you will need to look into their policy, for instance, BlueCross BlueShield TN policy would cover the removal of breast implant(s), "for documented leakage from a silicone-gel breast implant is considered medically necessary.(See Information.)".Other insurance companies recognize that removal of breast implants can be medically significant for women’s health, remember that policies vary by state and coverage.

Doing your homework by researching online will benefit you when looking at the best-qualified surgeon for breast implant removal, at CG Cosmetic we have a team of surgeons that perform a vast amount of breast procedures every year, providing experience and great results. It's important to be able to discuss your concerns with your surgeon and have all your questions answered, a board certified plastic surgeon can be better suited for your removal surgery.

The recovery period following implant removal breast surgery is similar to breast implants procedure the only difference is that swollen will be less noticeable due to the loss of volume, in some instances bruised and numb might occur. However, these are normal signs that should change with time, your surgeon will provide prescription pain relievers to minimize the discomfort and alleviated the pain. 

Breast Implants Removal Financing

What about financing? Yes, at CG Cosmetic we provide different financing companies that can provide same day approval and you can select payment plans that fit your budget, for more information visit our financing page.


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