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Sagging Large Breasts Making You Feel Unconfortable?

Correct excess skin in droopy breasts today, can be combined with a lift or implasts, starting at $4,000


Breast Reduction Surgery in Miami

Excessively large breasts may cause a woman head, neck, shoulder and back pain, significantly affecting her quality of life and negatively influencing her body image within her own mind.  Gigantomastia (excessive and sudden grown of the mammary glands) can also be an indication for breast reduction surgery.  If you are unhappy with the size of your breasts, find that they are too large, get in the way or cause you pain, you may be a candidate for breast reduction surgery.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery and How Does it Work?

There are a variety of reduction procedures available, and numerous incision patterns that can be used. The board-certified plastic surgeons at CG Cosmetic thoroughly discuss the steps and options of this procedure with patients. The doctor typically uses an anchor-shaped breast reduction incision, which travels around the nipple, down to the base of the breast, and along the inframammary fold. This incision allows the surgeon to remove excess skin from the bottom half of the breast. In many cases, liposuction is also used to remove fatty tissue from inside the breast. After removing the appropriate tissue, the doctor relocates the nipple and closes the incisions to create smaller, perkier breasts that feel more comfortable and fit the patient's body better. Breast reduction Miami patients can enjoy exceptional results from experienced breast surgeons at CG Cosmetic Surgery.


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Breast reduction is the surgical correction of ptosis via the excision of fat, skin, implants and glandular tissues. It differs from mastopexy in that more than just excess skin is removed.  

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After surgery, patients should plan to go through a recovery period. Most patients can return to work after about two weeks, once their stitches are removed. It is important to wear a specialized surgical bra for several weeks after surgery, and avoid heavy lifting during this time. Some breast reduction patients experience pain or tenderness during menstrual periods for a few months after surgery. Full healing may take six months or more.


Apart from the risks associated with all surgeries, reduction mammoplasty also includes a few others. While most techniques seek to preserve functionality for breastfeeding and sensitivity in the areola and nipple, scarring, asymmetry, delayed wound healing, fluid retention (seroma), diminished erogenous response, change to the shape and contour of the breast and the recurrence of ptosis are all possible negative outcomes of surgery.  Most of the risks are rare occurrences but it’s good to be informed of all possible risks before making a decision to undergo reduction mammoplasty.

How much does breast reduction cost?

The cost of breast reduction relies upon different variables, for example, the particular surgical method used and whether breast lift is joined into the procedure. 

What are the side effects in breast reduction surgery?

During the post-operative period breasts reduction can produce swelling, bruising and pain. Additionally there is slight risk of more severe complications, including bleeding (hematoma), infection, poor wound healing, asymmetry, breast contour and shape irregularities as well as alteration in nipple/breasts sensation.

Why do some people decide to have breast reductions?

Some people prefer reductions instead of augmentations due to some health and lifestyle problems that their breasts can cause them. For example, back pain/aches, and possible health conditions that may develop in the curvature of the spine due to the weight of breasts.


Usually, reduction mammoplasty is performed on a patient while they are under general anesthesia.  During your consultation with the surgeon, you can discuss which type of technique will be used to re-positioning the nipple-areola complex (NAC).

Inferior Pedicle Technique

This technique involves and anchor-shaped incision that extends up and around the areola.  The technique is often called a keyhole, inverted-T or “Wise Pattern” reduction.  During this procedure, excess glandular tissue, fat and skin is removed.  The nipple and areola are then moved into a higher position on the breast.  Inferior pedicle procedure sometimes produces “square” looking breasts but is the most commonly favored technique in the United States.  It is also the most commonly performed option for women with the largest, droopiest breasts.  The inferior pedicle technique is largely favored due to its predictable and reliable results.  

Vertical Scare Technique

This techniques involve less scarring and may or may not involve a horizontal scar.  Usually, however, they can be done without a horizontal incision and involve the use of superior, inferior, medial or laterally based pedicles to the NAC.  Vertical scar technique is better suited for smaller reductions with les excess skin as it limits the scar length.  This technique does have the advantages of increased projections, shorter scar length and quicker surgery times.  Vertical techniques also tend to have the best long term results, being reduced through the removal of the lateral and inferior tissues, leaving the upper poles mostly untouched.

Horizontal Scar Technique

The inverted T lift is often referred to as the anchor lift. The procedure is performed on those who have a considerable amount of sagging and a large amount of excess skin. During surgery, the surgeon will remove the skin and fat to provide you with a beautiful breast lift.

The incisions in this procedure are different than the first two types of lifts. There will be three incisions made on the breast. One will go along the edge of the areola, one will go along the crease underneath the breast, and the other will go from the bottom of the areola to the crease on the underside of the breast.

The incisions will fade over time if you properly care for them and when you wear a bra or bikini top, they cannot be seen.

Free Nipple Graft Technique

A technique that is primarily used for patients at high risk for ischemia to the NAC, this involves the complete removal of the nipple and areola which are then replaced further up the breast as a skin graft.   This procedure does not preserve areola or nipple sensation and it destroys the ability to breastfeed therefore, it’s wise to leave this procedure, if possible, until there are no plans for pregnancy or breastfeeding.

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Breast Reduction Price & Financing  

On average at CG Cosmetic, breast reduction surgery prices are around $4,000, but keep in mind, your surgery could be significantly more or less money than this estimate, is best to book a complimentary consultation in order to get an accurate quote.

Financing payment plans for breast reduction are available, visits our finacing page for more information.

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