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Breast lift in Miami FL, Affordable Breast lift Surgery (Mastopexy)

Women can reshape and resize their breasts to reverse the signs of aging. Breast lift and breast reduction procedures performed at CG Cosmetic Surgery in South florida, can provide women with contour and shape, volume and fullness. As women age, the weakened elasticity of their skin becomes most evident in their breasts. A mastoplexy also known as (breast lift) returns breasts to a "perky" and full shape, and restores patients' confidence by vastly improving their appearance.

Breast Lift Surgery Positive Results

Breastfeeding, fluctuations in weight and the general aging process all take their toll on a woman's shape. Drooping, saggy breasts that have lost their volume and contours are uncomfortable and an undeniable sign of a woman's age. Breast lift surgery is designed to reverse the impact of time and give women a more aesthetic shape, with firmer breasts that are in a better position. Many women choose to combine a breast lift with breast implants, meaning they undergo one surgery yet benefit from the enhancements both procedures provide. 

Breast Lift Surgery Procedure 

The most common breast lift surgery procedure involves an anchor-shaped incision, which wraps around the nipple, then along the bottom of the breast and inframammary fold. Excess skin and tissue are removed at the incision site, and if required the nipple and areola are repositioned to sit higher on the breast. The time required for the surgery depends on the amount of lift being sought, the individual patient, and whether breast implants are being included in the procedure.

Types of Breast Lifts Available

Can Breast Augmentation Be Combined With a Lift? Yes. Breast augmentation can be performed with a breast lift and many women choose to have these two procedures performed together. The lift will provide you with the perky, youthful breasts you are looking for while the augmentation will provide you with the fullness and size you desire. 

Types of Breast Lifts

1. Peri-Areolar Lift
Often called a donut lift, this type of breast lift is ideal for someone who has minimal sagging. This procedure uses an incision that goes around the outside of your areola. The breast is then lifted and adjusted for a beautiful shape.
Many people choose to pair a breast augmentation with the donut lift. The areola is often adjusted in size during the procedure as well. That way, you do not have to worry about a stretched areola on a perky breast.

2. Crescent Lift
The crescent lift is another breast lift that is often paired with breast implants. This procedure is ideal for those who have a minimal amount of sagging. The incision will be placed along the top half of the areola. A crescent lift is not common, but it can be done based on the needs of the patient and the preferences of the surgeon.

3. Inverted T Lift
The inverted T lift is often referred to as the anchor lift. The procedure is performed on those who have a considerable amount of sagging and a large amount of excess skin. During surgery, the surgeon will remove the skin and fat to provide you with a beautiful breast lift.

The incisions in this procedure are different than the first two types of lifts. There will be three incisions made on the breast. One will go along the edge of the areola, one will go along the crease underneath the breast, and the other will go from the bottom of the areola to the crease on the underside of the breast.

The incisions will fade over time if you properly care for them and when you wear a bra or bikini top, they cannot be seen.

4. Vertical Lift
The vertical lift or lollipop lift is used often in cosmetic surgery offices. During the procedure, the surgeon is able to remove the excess skin that is on the breast that causes sagging. Once the skin is removed, the breast can be reshaped and contoured on the body.

The incisions are not as intense as the inverted T lift. Two incisions will be made including one that runs from the bottom of the areola to the crease under the breast and one around the edge of the areola.

The Ideal Miami Breast Lift Candidate

Ideal candidates for breast lift surgery can range greatly. Many women opting for this surgery lost breast mass after pregnancy, lost mass during a surgery (such as a partial mastectomy), experienced a loss of breast mass, lift, or shape due to the aging process, or are insecure about the shape or their breasts and would like to have them lifted and re-contoured. Women of all ages seek this surgery, and many ask for this in addition to breast augmentation procedures. 

If you are unsure whether breast lift surgery is right for you, CG Cosmetic Surgery recommends scheduling a consultation to learn more about the procedure, benefits, and risks.

Breast Lift Surgery Recovery 

Patients undergoing breast lift surgery should expect to take time off to recuperate from their operation. CG Cosmetic Surgery recommends taking a week off from work or school in order to allow your body to recover from the procedure. 

The first day or two is best spent in bed, with minimal movement. Patients should expect to be sore and tender, immediately following the surgery. In order to ease pain and speed up healing, patients must take their medications and creams exactly as prescribed. You CB Cosmetic Surgery team can better explain your individual recovery plan during your consultation. 

Basic aftercare instructions are to wear looser tops and sweaters, to prevent irritation, leave creams and medicines within easy reach, wear your surgical bra (and later on, your support bra), as well as ensuring adequate rest and downtime are received. Patients might find they need help with basic household tasks that involve bending, reaching, or lifting. 

Swelling, discoloration, and noticeable scarring are to be expected within the first two weeks of recovering. Ensuring breasts are properly supported (with a surgical bra or other support garment) will help with the swelling. Scars should fade into a pale line, if treated as prescribed.

Patients should note that it will take a full four weeks before they will see the full effects of their breast lift surgery. 

These recovery guidelines are general and may not apply to every patient. Individuals will have their own recovery expectations as outlined by their doctors, and should contact CG Cosmetic Surgery if they have any specific questions about their recovery.

Risks Involved in Breast Lift Surgery

Risks associated with breast lift procedures are extremely rare, however, they are possible. Nipple sensory loss and skin loss are the two most common complications, and even these are extremely rare.

Patients should be prepared with the chance that scarring might not fade as much as they anticipated. Patients might also find they are not satisfied with their results if they had unrealistic expectations.

Patients should discuss their risks regarding breast lift surgery at the consultation with their CG Cosmetic Surgery. Additional risks might be posed to individuals based upon their medical history, so it is imperative that patients provide a full history to their surgeons. 

Breast Lift Price in Miami

Breast lift surgeries at CG Cosmetic are affordable compared to the price on the market, however the cost can change depending on the amount of work needed, the type of lift being performed, and if a breast augmentation is being done at the same time. Your free consultation at CG Cosmetic Surgery is the best way to get an accurate estimate of the money you will be spending. 

On average, breast lift surgery costs around $4,000, but keep in mind, your surgery could be significantly more or less money than this estimate.

Financing Options for Breast Lift Surgery 

Since breast lift surgery is considered a cosmetic procedure, and not a required surgery, patients should plan on paying for these services out of pocket. CG Cosmetic offers many financing programs patients can apply for if they need more time to make payments.

Personal loans are another option, as are credit cards payments. While insurance companies often do not cover breast lift surgery, if you think your individual case might merit coverage, it could be worth speaking to them. 

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