You've heard of cosmetic procedures such as Botox to treat wrinkles and improve your appearance, but how about plastic surgery that may cure migraines, and wrinkles too?

That's the claim behind a study published in the journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The fairly new treatment, which is similar to a forehead lift, had an interesting side effect on 49 patients -- more than half said their migraines completely disappeared. Overall, 83% said the frequency of their hassling headaches decreased by at least half.

Researches have linked migraines to an irritation in the head's trigeminal nerve branches. The surgery removes some of the migraine triggers (specific muscles) around these nerves, therefore, allegedly relieving the painful irritation, while also reducing wrinkles.

Time, who reported the story, says that 30 million Americans, especially women, suffer from migraines. Sufferers spend billions annually to treat them.


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