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Eyelid Surgery Gets Lift from Lasers

Eyelid Surgery Gets Lift from Lasers

Eyelid surgery can help patients see better, and look younger, but some people avoid it for fear of bleeding. Now, laser surgery may be the future of blepharoplasty.

Due to the upper eyelids having a large blood supply, there can be a lot of bleeding associated with eyelid surgery. But, a carbon dioxide laser can ...

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Miami Plastic Surgery: Put on a Happy Face

Miami Plastic Surgery: Put on a Happy Face

According to a new article by The Herald Sun, the benefits of plastic surgery are more than skin deep!

It's certain you're familiar with botched plastic surgery, as it always makes headlines. But, you probably don't hear much about successful plastic surgery, the kind that impacts people's lives and changes it for the better. ...

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Breasts, bellies and skin aren’t the only things to go south as we get older. Eyelids also droop with age, but blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, may be the solution for you.

If people keep telling you how tired you look, you may be suffering from eye bags. What’s worse, drooping eyelids can ...

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