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Relieve Back Pain With Breast Reduction

Relieve Back Pain With Breast Reduction

You may often hear about women wanting bigger breasts and getting a breast augmentation. For some ladies, a large bosom is just, well, a pain in the neck. Are you one of them? If so, a breast reduction may be an option for you.

The size of your bust can affect your posture, ...

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Miami Plastic Surgery: Put on a Happy Face

Miami Plastic Surgery: Put on a Happy Face

According to a new article by The Herald Sun, the benefits of plastic surgery are more than skin deep!

It's certain you're familiar with botched plastic surgery, as it always makes headlines. But, you probably don't hear much about successful plastic surgery, the kind that impacts people's lives and changes it for the better. ...

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World's Largest Breast Reduction

World's Largest Breast Reduction

About a month ago, we told you about the world largest breast implants. They belonged to Sheyla Hershey, and now she makes headlines again with the world's biggest breast revision.

As you may remember, Hershey had to head to Brazil to get her Triple K implants because no doctor in the U.S. would agree ...

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