Breast Augmentation for 2011

Breast Augmentation for 2011

The Miami plastic surgery practice, CG Cosmetic Surgery, is offering a limited-time special on breast implants, silicone breast augmentation for $4,000, and saline breast augmentation for $2,800. With these new prices, patients can save up to 40% compared to other centers and private plastic surgery offices. These value-priced surgeries include anesthesia fees and plastic surgeon fees. Located in South Florida, CG Cosmetic serves many patients in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area.

Summer is around the corner, making it a great time to consider cosmetic surgery. Many women feel that it is a great time to learn more about breast surgery at our Miami offices. Breast augmentation booked in March will have you filling out your tank tops and low-cut summer dresses beautifully by April. By May, you'll be back at the gym for last-minute swimsuit toning. Our plastic surgeons will go over all of the details during your consultation, as well as the placement of the implants. You'll get the full range of choices, and the solutions that suit you best.

"We have been in practice for many years, and we have always offered exceptional value for our patients," adds Ms. Tatiana Gomez, business manager at CG Cosmetic Surgery, "and this latest special is a great opportunity to consider breast augmentation in Miami." Affordability and quality is one of the center's ultimate goals. Affordability ensures that cosmetic surgery is available for a wide range of patients. The center offers cosmetic surgery financing and flexible payments.

"At CG Cosmetic Surgery, it is our goal to ensure optimal results, no matter what cosmetic procedure we perform," explains Ms. Tatiana. "I hope people find this promotion exciting, and take advantage of this great special. I look forward to helping them with their cosmetic goals."

The board-certified plastic surgeonsand staff at CG Cosmetic Surgery are dedicated to helping patients from across South Florida, and beyond, improve their appearance and enhance their quality of life through plastic surgery. They will spend all the time necessary discussing all possible techniques, and alternatives, to ensure the best outcome. 


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