Breast Augmentation Miami - Common Questions

Breast Augmentation Miami - Common Questions

Breast augmentation in Miami is one of the most popular procedures performed. Having seen many, many patients in consultation there are a number of questions that come up over and over. In this column I will begin to discuss the most frequently asked questions regarding breast implants, breast augmentation surgery and the pre and post-surgical care. Many of these questions do not have a single answer. Often the answer will depend on what your goals are from the surgery, and what your doctor sees during your exam. Each patient is obviously different and each surgery is tailored to the specific needs and body type of the patient.

After reading all this information it is likely that you will still have additional questions. The best thing to do now is to make an appointment for an evaluation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to discuss exactly what we can do for you. Which implant is best for me? Which incision is the best? What size implant do I need? What size bra will I use after the surgery? What do I need to do to prepare for the surgery? What is the recovery like? What do I need to do to ensure the best possible results? Will I ever need to change my implants? Will I be able to breast feed, get mammograms, etc? Do I need a breast lift?


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