Breast Revision to Correct Breast Implants

Breast Revision to Correct Breast Implants

Unhappy with your breast augmentation? No problem, a breast revision can fix that.

There are many reasons women decide to have a breast revision, among them -- a desire to have a different size, either bigger or smaller; remove ruptured implants or fix high riding implants. The procedure is similar to a breast augmentation. The surgeon removes the existing implants, and then creates a new pocket to fit the new implants.

Revision surgery is nothing new. In fact, one study found that some people are doing it to look like their old selves after feeling they looked to fake. These procedures have come to be known as undo plasties.

The best way to ensure you'll be happy with your surgery is to choose a board certified surgeon who has experience performing the surgery you're considering. Seek referrals from other patients who have had the same surgery with your chosen physician. Finally, be honest with your doctor. Your surgeon knows what will look good on your body type, and can help you set realistic expectations.


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