When it comes to getting breast implants or other types of plastic surgery procedures, there are plenty of questions one would like to have answered before going through with it. It can be especially important for residents of Miami, where your appearance can be one of your most important aspects. If you are going to invest the time and money to moving forward with cosmetic surgery you certainly deserve to have these questions answered.

Can you spot a boob job?

The answer to this depends on multiple factors. For example, the size of the implants has a lot to do with whether or not people might suspect breast implants. As a general rule, the closer your breast implants are to fitting your natural size the less likely people are to suspect you have had a boob job. However, a great deal of the skill of the Miami plastic surgeon you work with will influence the final overall look of your breast implants. Instead of simply basing your decision on the lowest price, make sure the surgeon you consider also delivers the best work.

Can you breastfeed with breast implants?

This is another common concern women have about getting a boob job, and it is a valid concern to have. The good news is that there is little chance breast implants will have any negative impact on your ability to breastfeed. Of course, much of this again depends on the plastic surgeon who performs the procedure. There have been reports of women having damage to nerves, milk ducts or glands during surgery, all of which can impact the amount of milk that can be produced. Working with a reputable Miami plastic surgeon means seriously reducing the risk of having to deal with any of these kinds of issues or concerns as a result of a boob job.

What's the difference between a breast enlargement and a breast lift?

A breast enlargement is an augmentation that involves introducing breast implants to the body to help increase the overall size and shape of a woman's breasts. A lift is meant to merely help reverse the effects aging, breastfeeding or losing a large amount of weight quickly can have on the breasts that cause them to sage over time. In many cases, a woman may opt to get both procedures done at the same time. While breast implants can help some with making the breast appear less droopy by adding volume, you may want to still have a lift. Most women who have both procedures done report that their breasts regain that desirable youthful and perky look (in addition to being larger from the implants).

Will there be any loss to the feeling or sensitivity of nipples?

In most cases you should not notice any difference in the feeling or sensitivity of your nipples, at least once you have fully recovered from the procedure. Some of this may depend on the location of the incision for your implants. Working with a trusted Miami plastic surgeon who has performed the procedure numerous times certainly increases the chances of avoiding any issues such as the loss of feeling or sensitivity to the nipples. However, in some cases there have been reports of women who felt they did not fully regain the same level of feeling or sensitivity in the nipples for as long as two years following the initial procedure. The bottom line is that if you work with a Miami plastic surgeon who is established and respected, you lower your risk of having resulting issues. Write down questions you have for your surgeon concerning your boob job, and you should be able to eliminate any apprehension you may have.


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