Common Questions About Breast Lift Surgery

Common Questions About Breast Lift Surgery

Making the decision to get a breast lift or mastopexy is one that needs careful consideration. Any type of cosmetic surgery procedure should not be performed until the patient has weighed the pros and cons as well as all the options. Aside from talking to a professional in the field, you may already want to gain some insight, gather information and have some questions answered. By doing so you can begin to decide if you think this procedure would be right for you.  

What techniques are part of a breast lift?

If a woman is looking to get just a breast lift without a breast implants procedure, there isn't much to the techniques. The breast lift surgeon will plan out the lift procedure in order to create or retain symmetry in the breasts. As the name implies, the intention is to lift sagging or dropping breasts that result from natural aging, weight loss, breast-feeding or other issues that can cause the boobs to drop. Generally, the excess skin is snipped away and the stitching back in place is what creates the lift. In some cases, liposuction may also be performed to help create a slimmer more contoured chest area.

How long is the recovery period?

Although the process of a breast lift procedure is not as intense or in-depth as some other cosmetic surgery procedures, proper recovery time is crucial. Stitches can be easily damaged without proper care and rest. Recovery time and ability has a good bit to do with the individual, but there is an average to help gauge what recovery time could look like. More than likely you will be out of work for at least a week and taking pain pills and antibiotics to prevent infection. The second or third week the patient can generally return to mild exercise. Within a month to a month and a half you should be able to resume all normal physical activities.

Will a breast lift remove stretch marks or help with loose skin?

If the stretch marks are in an area where the skin is snipped away during the breast lift, there will be some removal of stretch marks. Otherwise, a breast lift procedure will not take care of stretch marks. This is because stretch marks are scars, and you would need to treat the skin with a scar cream to try to eliminate scars. Loose skin in the area surrounding the breasts will more than likely be taken care of. This is especially true if the loose skin is the reason for the sagging or dropping breasts.

What are some potential risks involved with a breast lift procedure?

As with any surgery that involves anesthesia, you run the risks of brain damage or death associated with a small percentage of patients who undergo being put to sleep. Aside from that, there are always risks of infection or complications related to your plastic surgery. Working with only a board certified plastic surgeon helps reduce the risk of these things happening. One other risk unique to a breast lift operation is the potential loss of the sense of touch in the nipple. Incisions for a lift are often made around the nipple, which can cause temporary and permanent nerve damage.

How painful is a breast lift operation?

Patients may awake suffering from mild discomfort to some pain. Because this procedure does not involve the cutting of any deep tissue, the chances for serious pain are not very great. Recovering patients are given a painkiller, which is often a narcotic, and this helps dull the pain during the initial stages of the recovery process.


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