Cosmetic Surgery Treatments for the Face

Cosmetic Surgery Treatments for the Face

It's pretty much impossible not to pay attention to your physical beauty these days because this is how our society measures success. Your appearance directly affects your confidence, self-esteem and how well you are going to do in the world today. That said, one feature many people are not happy with is their nose. A Florida plastic surgeon knows that this mindset can inhibit people from truly achieving all their dreams and goals.

What to do...Well hundreds of thousands of people are turning to rhinoplasty or a nose job to fix it. Of course, there is the cost of the rhinoplasty to consider because it is an elective surgery, but many people would pay just about anything to be happy with their face.

Things to Consider

Because the nose isn't completely developed until about 16 years of age, rhinoplasty surgery shouldn't be considered until then.

  • How are you going to feel if the surgery isn't 'perfect?'
  • This is a surgery and comes with all the risks of any other type of procedure.

Surgery for Breathing Issues

Many patients having surgery for breathing issue as a result of the construction of the nose and end up having plastic surgery for aesthetic reasons too. What is important is that there are no guarantees, and there is only so much that a surgeon can do. You need to decide if it's worth it for you.

Common Problems with the Nose

  • Deformities in the structure
  • Deviated septum
  • Nasal allergies

There may all directly affect your breathing and require plastic surgery to improve. So what does a plastic surgeon kook at during an assessment?

There are numerous important factors to be considered and of course a thorough list would be provided. Some of these are: The size of your nose and dimensions

  • Your skin quality
  • The health of your nose
  • Your overall appearance

Digital photos will be taken. These digital photos will be used to recreate various images of what your nose might look like after the plastic surgery. The price tag on this assessment is usually a few hundred dollars. Please note that sometimes during this assessment the doctor might suggest a chin augmentation to help with the balance of your face.

The Rhinoplasty Surgery

It is referred to as a PRIMARY surgery if you haven't had plastic surgery on your nose before. Of course, as with any surgery, it can range in complexity. You may just be having a little bump taken off or a complete reconstruction of your nose. Regardless, a huge amount of skill and precision is required for a qualiified plastic surgeon to be successful. The two main types are a reduction nose job or augmentation.

1. Reduction Nose Job

: This kind of plastic surgery will shrink the size of the nose. What happens is the plastic surgeon usually completely reshapes the nose cartilage and if required will reduce it in size. Most often the plastic surgeon doesn't need to consider using grafts or foreign material to make the surgery a success.

2. Augmentation

: Here the aim of the plastic surgery is to build up the nasal bridge. This procedure requires cartilage grafts usually. This type of plastic surgery is usually performed on people of African or Asian ancestry.

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic facial procedure that seems to be gaining momentum in the world today. It is important that you consider all the factors and ensure you have a qualified Ft. Lauderdale plastic surgeon that is going to give you a nose you will be proud of!


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