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A Brazilian butt lift is a type of procedure used to enhance the buttocks without the use of actual implants. The buttocks enlargement is actually done by using donor fat that comes from the patient's own body. The only time this may not be an option is if someone does not have enough excess body fat to perform the transfer. In that case, buttocks implants would be the only other alternative to create a larger, rounder more shapely buttocks region. For many in the South Florida area, a Brazilian butt lift is the perfect way to improve the backside with the least amount of surgery possible.

Before Your Brazilian Butt Lift

You will have your initial consultation to help decide which plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgery center you feel the most comfortable with. You should bring up any questions you have concerning your options, the step-by-step walk through of the procedure and ask questions about recovery or things that you are worried about such as the anesthesia.

Once you have decided on the plastic surgeon in or around Miami you wish to work with, you will have a more in depth meeting with your doctor. You will probably discuss your medical history and may have blood drawn. More than likely you will also have before and after pictures for your records. From here, you will get prepared for the day of your actual Brazilian butt lift procedure.

During Your Brazilian Butt Lift

The process begins with liposuction to remove fat from the donor areas of the body. Usually this could be the back, the abdomen or the thighs. The fat is then processed and purified before being reintroduced to the body. Donor fat from another person is not permissible, which is why only those whit enough excess body fat may qualify for this type of procedure.

The fat is then transferred back into the body at the buttocks by way of multiple injections. The more fat needed, the more injections required. The surgeon will work to create a symmetrical balance between both sides as well as create a round and smooth buttocks. Doing so may require additional injections until the desired look is achieved.

After Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Recovery from a Brazilian butt lift is less extensive than with other types of buttocks augmentation surgical procedures. There is still a recovery period that requires patients to refrain from sitting directly on their buttocks for a period of time. Also avoiding strenuous physical activity for some time is necessary to have a successful recovery.

Often times recovering Brazilian butt lift patients will be required to wear a compression belt or garment that helps keep the recovering area lifted and protected. You may be able to return to work within a week depending upon the follow up visit you have with your doctor.

Usually patients can resume normal activities and physical regimens within a four week amount of time. Swelling and discomfort may linger for weeks but should begin to dissipate over time. If this does not happen or the swelling or pain increase you should consult with your plastic surgeon immediately.

Brazilian butt lifts carry the least amount of risk and resulting complications when compared to the other types of buttocks enhancements. However, you must only work with a board certified plastic surgeon in order to prevent the increased chance of untrained work that could lead to infection or worse. It is possible to find an affordable Brazilian butt lift in the Miami area without settling for a questionable cosmetic surgery center.


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