Miami Plastic Surgery: Real vs Fake

Miami Plastic Surgery: Real vs Fake

If you're considering Miami plastic surgery, it's possible you're familiar with the myths. With so much misleading information out there about the different procedures – breast augmentation, tummy tuck or rhinoplasty – it's easy to get confused. Here's a quick overview on what's true and false when it comes to plastic surgery.

False: Only rich people can get plastic surgery.
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, about 60 percent of women who undergo cosmetic procedures have a household income between $30-$90K. With financing options, plastic surgery has never been easier and more accessible to the average person.

False: Plastic surgery does not leave scars.
For most surgeries, physicians must make incisions, which means there will be scars. However, a trained plastic surgeon will make these cuts in discreet areas or even used endoscopes to minimize scars.

False: All plastic surgeons are the same.
They are all NOT equal. To minimize complications, you should always go with a plastic surgeon who is board certified. Also, cosmetic surgery is an art on to itself so you may want to talk to past patients about your particular surgeon, and how the procedure turned out for them.

False:The results of plastic surgery are only temporary.
Surgical procedures are performed for the long haul. Results are meant to last, but they are subject to aging, and weight gain or loss. You have to do your part – eat right, exercise and keep up a healthy lifestyle.


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