New data shows that Brazilian butt lifts are on the rise as a preferred plastic surgery procedure. It is no surprise that would be true for an area such as Florida, especially Miami where your looks are one of the most important assets you can have. Relaxing among the other sun gods and goddesses of the beaches here can make you feel insecure when comparing body types, especially if you don't have the body you want.

Improving the way your body looks can help improve the way you feel about yourself. Making the decision to get cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery done is a big one. If you have already been thinking about getting work done, then you are probably ready to take the next step and schedule your consultation. If you have already done that, then you should be thinking about preparing for your Brazilian butt lift in Miami and getting ready to show it off on the sands of South Beach.

The First Step

In case you have not already had your consultation as part of preparing for your Brazilian butt lift in Miami, this should be your first step. Consultations are generally free, and it is a good opportunity for you to bring up any questions you may have and are acquainted with the plastic surgeon and staff. Before your consultation, be sure to write down any concerns or questions you may have.

Try also to get an idea of what you are hoping the final outlook will be and then bring in pictures to show your plastic surgeon. By strolling through the cosmetic surgery center and meeting the surgeon you should get a feel for if you will be comfortable with the surgeon or not. This is also when it will be determined if a Brazilian butt lift is the right procedure for you or if another option may be best.

A Brazilian butt lift is actually a fat transfer process as opposed to a surgical lift. In order to carry it out "donor fat" from another part of your body is used to create rounder, fuller buttocks. Donor fat may only be used from your body and for that reason people who lack excess body fat do not make good candidates. In this case, your plastic surgeon would discuss alternate methods for you to consider.

Pushing Ahead with Your Brazilian Butt Lift

Once you are deemed a good candidate for this procedure, the date for your procedure will be set. The best thing to do when preparing for your Brazilian butt lift in Miami is to read the info your surgeon sends you home with to be informed. You can also read up online about things you should know about your aftercare. This is the time to prepare for your aftercare too. Arrange to have your ride to and from the procedure and try to get someone to check in or stay with you for at least the first 24 hours if not the first week.

Stock up on items from the list your plastic surgeon gives you so that your recovery can be as smooth and easy as possible. Aside from that, stay positive, take care of yourself and make sure you keep up proper diet and exercise as well as sleep as the date for your Brazilian butt lift draws closer. If you have any concerns about the procedure prior to the date, feel free to call and talk to your plastic surgeon to address these concerns. A good plastic surgeon cares about the mental and physical well being of his or her patients, and setting your mind at ease before the procedure is part of the care.


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