If you are considering having any type of plastic surgery, there are going to be many things that you are going to need to learn about the procedure you want to have. There is no such thing as a surgery without risks, so it is important that you understand all of the risks involved in your plastic surgery procedure, and how to eliminate a lot of these risks.

You will also want to know about things like how well the surgery is going to work, and how to take care of yourself after you have had your operation. It is best to write down all of your questions before visiting the surgeon, so you will have the list in front of you while you are there, and you won’t forget to ask about anything. The more you know, the better prepared you will be when it comes time for your operation.

Learn about Your Surgeon

The first questions you should ask your surgeon are about his or her qualifications. It is important to know that you are going to be in the best hands and that your surgeon is experienced in the type of plastic surgery you want to have. You may even want to visit a few surgeons to make sure that you are going to get someone who specializes in what you want to have done. Here are some of the questions you should ask about your surgeon:

  • What is your level of education, and where did you receive your degree?
  • How long have you been practicing?
  • What is your success rate?
  • Do you have literature about the procedure I want to have done or can you recommend good reading material so I can learn more?
  • Do you specialize in this type of plastic surgery?
  • Do you have before and after photographs I can see?
  • Are there former patients I can speak with about their experiences?

Learn about the Procedure

The procedures for the different types of plastic surgeries vary, and you need to know about the particular procedure you are going to have. You may not need to get right into the nitty gritty about the actual surgical procedure, but you should have an idea about what is going to take place. You will need to ask certain questions that are specific to the procedure you want, such as:

  • How long will the operation take to perform?
  • How much does this type of procedure cost?
  • Are there any additional costs?
  • Where can I have the procedure done?
  • What is involved with this type of procedure?

Learn about the After Care

You will also need to learn about what you have to do after cosmetic surgery procedures to make sure that you heal properly and get the best results. The more you know, the faster your recovery will be, because you will know exactly what you need to do to take care of yourself. Here are some questions you should ask your surgeon about cosmetic surgery after care:

  • How long will the recovery time be?
  • Will there be much pain, and if so, can you prescribe pain medications?
  • When can I do certain activities, such as walking, bending and lifting?
  • How often should my dressing be changed?
  • How do I clean the area around the incision?
  • Should I use over the counter antibiotic ointments, or will you prescribe a special ointment?

If you have any other questions, make sure that you are prepared before your visit with the surgeon. It is important that you know everything there is to know about cosmetic surgery and the procedure you are considering before you make any decisions.


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