Relieve Back Pain With Breast Reduction

Relieve Back Pain With Breast Reduction

You may often hear about women wanting bigger breasts and getting a breast augmentation. For some ladies, a large bosom is just, well, a pain in the neck. Are you one of them? If so, a breast reduction may be an option for you.

The size of your bust can affect your posture, which could be why you suffer from back pain if you’re bigger around the top. Constantly carrying that extra weight throws your spine out of balance, and may make you slouch. The slouching takes its toll on your muscles, leading to back discomfort and also neck and shoulder pain. Something to keep in mind if you’re getting breast implants … listen to your surgeon when he tells you the size you’re considering is too big!

Here’s what you can expect.

Your surgeon makes an incision around the nipple in order to remove excess fat, tissue and skin. Next, the doctor relocates your nipple. You get stitches and a special gauze is wrapped around your breasts. The entire surgery takes a few hours. You’ll have to sport a special surgical bra for several weeks after your operation, and won’t be able to do any heavy lifting. Once stitches are removed, usually in about two weeks, you can head back to work. Full healing may take up to six months.

Women aren’t the only ones who get breast reduction. Men who have gynecomastia, abnormal enlargement of breasts, also get it to correct the problem.


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