Miami Nose Job - The Art and The Science

Miami Nose Job - The Art and The Science

Miami Nose Job -Also know as Rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures in the United States. Rhinoplasty may be done safely for emotionally mature teenagers and adults of almost every age. Since the nose is the center of our face and also its most prominent feature, the appearance of the nose is critical for facial harmony and balance.

It is very common that one's birth nose is not the best nose for the structure of their face. It may be too large, too bulky, or too crooked. An imperfect nose may detract from an otherwise attractive face. It can interfere with self-esteem causing difficulty establishing and maintaining healthy relationships and hindering personal and professional progress. For patients considering rhinoplasty, it is of utmost importance to discuss with their prospective surgeon the particular aesthetic - or artistic vision - they wish to achieve. It may not be reasonable to expect any nose may be transformed to that of a Hollywood star, but vast improvements may be achieved with good communication and technical expertise.

Another important aspect of nasal surgery, including rhinoplasty, is the functionality of the nose - that is, breathing well through the nose. While there are many medical reasons which may cause difficulty with breathing through the nose, the vast majority of these may be addressed in conjunction with the rhinoplasty procedure. Appropriately performed rhinoplasty can improve or maintain normal airflow through the nose.

It is the author's opinion that, in many ways, rhinoplasty is the meeting place of art and science. The structures which make up the nose may be reshaped and rebalanced to achieve improvement in form and function. For patients who are unhappy with the appearance of their nose, it is best that they find a surgeon who can understand and achieve the artistic vision upon which they agree - The Art of Rhinoplasty. Addtionally, the surgeon should feel comfortable with managing the nasal airway and functionality of the nose - The Science of Rhinoplasty.

As with any procedure, we recommend finding a surgeon with whom the patient feels comfortable and who has appropriate credentials (Board Certification/Eligibility).


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