Miami Rhinoplasty Revision

Miami Rhinoplasty Revision

You've heard of breast revision, but do you know about rhinoplasty revision?

Miami rhinoplasty Patients who are unsatisfied with their nose job often seek to fix it. The top reasons for a rhinoplasty revision include breathing obstructions and unhappiness with the symmetry of the new nose tip. Yet another reason cited is dissatisfaction with a crooked middle third of the nose. About 5 to 15 percent of nose job patients seek rhinoplasty revision.

About 62 percent of patients surveyed reported breathing problems and other nasal obstructions, complaints which were confirmed by doctors in 94% of those patients.The findings were reported in the September/October issue of Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.

The bottom line: Pick a board certified plastic surgeon who has vastexperience performing rhinoplasty surgery so you can minimize your risk of needing revision surgery.


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