Sun, fun and beautiful bodies … you’re always bound to find these three in Miami. When it comes to good looks, most women in the Magic City don’t settle for what nature gave, (or didn’t give) them. Miami plastic surgeryis fairly common.

Let’s face it, our weather provides the perfect opportunity to sport a bathing suit almost year round. That requires a lot of time at the gym, or a superb plastic surgeon. So what are the more common Miami plastic surgery procedures?

Breast augmentation tops the list. Women who are unhappy with their small cleavage, or just want some extra fullness seek out breast implants. Moms, who want to stay young and hip, may opt for a breast augmentation with breast liftto get that pre-baby body back.

So the top is covered. What about the bottom? The bottom is just as important when it comes to that bathing suit. Another popular Miami plastic surgery procedure is the Brazilian butt lift, also known as a buttock augmentation.Who says you need 1,000 squats to get the perfect butt? Women in search of a more sensual backside get this procedure, which makes buttocks appear elevated and more perky.

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