Eyelid Surgery Gets Lift from Lasers

Eyelid Surgery Gets Lift from Lasers

Eyelid surgery can help patients see better, and look younger, but some people avoid it for fear of bleeding. Now, laser surgery may be the future of blepharoplasty.

Due to the upper eyelids having a large blood supply, there can be a lot of bleeding associated with eyelid surgery. But, a carbon dioxide laser can change that. This type of skin laser has a fiber optic tip, which cauterizes blood vessels and makes exact incisions, rendering the procedure bloodless. As a result, the patient experiences less bruising, swelling and pain.

Other side effects from this surgery may include excessive tear production, and temporary blurred vision. Patients who undergo blepharoplasty usually do so for two reasons: sagging eyelids that make them look older or tired, and eye bags that block peripheral vision.


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