All About Facelifts: The 101

All About Facelifts: The 101

Rhytidectomy is the term for a facelift. Many people who are tired of the way their face looks will get a lift to help remove the signs of aging. Women who begin to age may get crow’s feet, wrinkles, and sagging of the skin. A lift can improve the look of your face, neck, and jaw. If you are interested in having a facelift performed, consider whether you are a good candidate and why you want to have the procedure performed.

What Is a Facelift?

The procedure is used to help pull back the skin on your face to provide you with a younger look. Your face will appear much more youthful, tighter, and free from wrinkles. 

Who Makes a Good Candidate?

Facelift candidates are not just anyone. It is important for you to know whether or not you qualify to have the procedure performed before you undergo it. Some people assume that just because they have a wrinkle or two, the surgery will work for them. It is important to have a realistic expectation of the results and you should make sure that you are ready to follow all instructions given to you by your cosmetic surgeon.

Someone who wants to have a facelift will need to have the following:

  • Some skin elasticity
  • Realistic expectations
  • Good bone structure
  • Be in good health
  • Have Loose facial skin

Typically, if a person is under age 40, they are not a good candidate. This is not to say that the procedure cannot be performed, but prior to this age, your skin is probably not going to be loose enough. Also, people over 70 do not make good candidates most of the time.

How Is it Performed?

When you go in to have a facelift procedure, your Miami, FL cosmetic surgeon will begin by making small incisions around your hairline and near your temples. The incision will typically continue and end behind the ears. Once the cuts have been made, your cosmetic surgeon can access your facial muscles and tissue without any barriers.

Your surgeon can lift any fatty tissues off of your facial muscles to tighten the appearance of your face. The skin will be pulled back to create a lifted look. Once the skin is lifted and the excess has been removed, your surgeon can stitch the area.

Celebrities and Facelifts

One of the most notable celebrities who has had a facelift is Joan Rivers. Joan Rivers has also had other plastic surgery including Botox injections, breast reductions, a tummy tuck, chin tuck, and more.

Jane Fonda is another celebrity who has had cosmetic procedures performed to remove bags under her eyes and loose skin from around her jaw and the bottom of her face.

Combining a Facelift with Other Cosmetic Surgeries

Many people who choose to have a lift combine it with a variety of other procedures to help improve their entire look overall. Combining multiple procedures together minimizes downtime and recovery time overall. You will also get the look you want right away without having to wait weeks.

Some of the most commonly paired services with a facelift include:

  • Brow lifts
  • Lip augmentation
  • Eyelid surgery
  • Liposuction
  • Chin reconstruction
  • Rhinoplasty

If you are interested in a facelift procedure, it is important to find a qualified cosmetic surgeon to perform the work. You should ask a lot of questions to ensure you understand the entire process.

Always pay attention to pre-operative care and post-operative care. If you fail to follow the instructions given to you by your surgeon, you may experience an infection after the surgery is performed. Facelift surgery is able to provide you with the youthful appearance that you desire.


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