When a woman chooses to get breast implants, she may think that she is unlimited. She may think that the plastic surgeon will place any size that she chooses without any question. But, there is no reputable or well respected Miami, Ft. Lauderdale or any other Florida area plastic surgeon who will do something that can be potentially dangerous to the patient. Your health and physical safety are the most important consideration for the doctors.

Realistic Implant Sizes Are the Best to Use

The reason it is important to use the right breast implant size is because of the way that they are placed. Most implants are placed either below the skin. In some rare cases, the implant is placed under the muscles, but that technique is not commonly employed by many doctors in the Florida area.

The doctor makes a small incision under the breast so that he can form a small pocket. That pocket will be where the implant itself is slipped into and then filled (if it is saline). The silicone implants use a slightly larger opening to be placed. The amount of skin that you have on your breasts is an important consideration because it will have to be able to accommodate the size of the implant that is being used.

Determining the Size of Your Frame

Unless you have a future in the adult industry, you want to have breast implants that are going to be believable as your own. You don't want to overwhelm a small frame with breasts that are at least five or six sizes too large for your body. While many women strive for the appearance of tiny waist, small hips and large breasts, the reality is that they are usually thought of as phony or worse when they go too large.

If you have a small frame, stick with implants that are two to three sizes larger than your current size. For instance, if you are an A cup now, you could realistically go up to a small C without being too overt. 
If you have a medium size frame you can go a little larger than you would with a small frame. Women with large frames can go big because they would usually have larger breasts.

Your Occupation and Your Hobbies

Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and all the other areas of South Florida offer a number of amazing types of activities including swimming, boating and just reclining on the beach. But, if you have implants that are too large, you may find yourself unable to enjoy those activities like you used to. Jogging with extra large breasts is not a lot of fun, and the same can be said for a number of other types of activities.

As a professional woman, there might be a problem with being taken seriously by others if you are suddenly overtly enhanced. Dressing to look professional can be a challenge if you have breast implants that are too large.

Health Considerations

Your plastic surgeon will discuss your risk of breast cancer and how that can impact breast implants. While you can still get breast exams with breast implants, there is a chance that those implants may impede the doctor from discovering smaller tumors before they become dangerous.

It is important to note that some people do not have risk factors for breast cancer but still develop it.

A Doctor and His Guidelines

Miami plastic surgeons and other locations in Florida will follow guidelines that allow them to give you implants that will enhance your appearance safely and realistically. They will not give you surgery that is likely to lead to infection or other problems.


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