Tragic Plastic Surgery Trend Among Hispanics

Tragic Plastic Surgery Trend Among Hispanics

We recently told you about the 22-year old woman who died after receiving silicone injections in her buttocks from an unlicensed provider. Sadly, these illegal cosmetic surgeries are becoming popular among Hispanics and Brazilians. When choosing plastic surgery, always choose an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

Former Miss Argentina, Solange Magnano, pictured here, also died in December after silicone injections to her buttocks led to a pulmonary embolism. Earlier this year, six women in New Jersey were hospitalized after severe reactions from "supposed" silicone injections to the buttocks, except the substance used was not silicone, instead it was a material contractors use for caulking.

The disturbing trend, up among Hispanics, some say, is driven by cultural emphasis on curvaceous figures. Women with little awareness or less education seek the procedure from bogus doctors. It's become prevalent in minority communities, mainly in California, where women are lured by promises of low cost procedures that are simple to perform. The problem -- those performing it are unlicensed to do so.

Choosing an unexperienced surgeon can cost you your life, so it's not worth it to seek them out to save money. Choose a plastic surgeon who is board certified, experienced performing a buttock augmentation, or whichever procedure you seek, and performs only FDA-approved procedures.


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