For many people rhinoplasty is more than just trying to improve the look and appearance of your nose and overall facial symmetry. A crooked nose, aside from making a person self-conscious about their looks, can also cause breathing issues. For candidates like this, the question of whether rhinoplasty can help or not is a crucial one.

Some things you should know about considering rhinoplasty to correct a crooked nose:  

  • If you are using rhinoplasty to reconstruct nasal passages, correct breathing or otherwise remove obstructions from the nasal passages, it is also referred to as septorhinoplasty.
  • When being used to correct an issue such as one of those mentioned already, this is a more complicated procedure when compared to simply decreasing size for example.
  • The plastic surgeon you work with will actually draw out a plan similar to blue prints for building or redesigning something.
  • In addition to making a plan that will be corrective, the cosmetic surgeon will also take into consideration proportion, balance and symmetry.
  • This type of procedure may be to correct a nose that was crooked from birth or as the result of an injury including a broken nose that was not set correctly or at all.
  • A crooked nose may even be the result of improperly balanced growth and development during childhood and adolescence. Nasal trauma during these stages of a person's life can also result in a crooked nose.

What Are the Chances for Success

Much of the success rate for your rhinoplasty to correct a crooked nose depends on the actual problem at hand. Some studies have indicated that for issues such as a deviated septum, as great a percentage as thirty may actually experience a recurrence. Of course, much of this could depend on the techniques used as well as the skill level and amount of experience a plastic surgeon has.   The best thing you can do is schedule a free consultation with one or more cosmetic surgeon specialists and get some feedback from a professional. Be leery of over the top promises and try to get multiple consultations so you have some opinions to compare.

Understanding Rhinoplasty

There are certain things you may want or need to know before committing to this or any kind of cosmetic surgery procedure.    

One of the main reasons rhinoplasty is such a sought after procedure is that the nose is a large percentage of what makes a person's face appear symmetric or not. The slightest problem or correction can make a big impact on the overall look.

The actual definition of rhinoplasty is the shaping of the nose.

These procedures are performed by making incisions to the skin on the nose then pulling it back to access and reshape the actual bone and cartilage.

As with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved. The most obvious include complications relating to the anesthesia or running the risk of infection. Working only with board certified plastic surgeons can help reduce the risks involved. 

The true importance of working with a skilled surgeon for more complicated procedures that involve corrective work cannot be stressed enough. Before agreeing to work with a particular cosmetic surgeon, verify board certification and credentials and be certain his or her license has not been revoked presently or in the past. Ask to see before and after photos as well as be allowed to speak to some previous patients before picking your surgeon.

  While any plastic surgery procedure is important to get right the first time, rhinoplasty to correct a crooked nose is crucial to proper breathing. Don't gamble to save a few dollars when it comes to corrective surgery for your nasal passages.    


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