Forget a new car for a "Quinces" gift that makes an impression. For many quinceaneras, it's all about the nose as more of them are requesting rhinoplasty in Miami as a birthday gift.

The reason behind the trend, according to Miami plastic surgeon Vijay M. Sharma, M.D., M.P.H., a double board certified surgeon and a rhinoplasty expert, is that age 14 is the typical age when it's ok to get a nose job. He also sees patients coming in right before their Sweet Sixteen or before going off to college. The motivation is the same -- the patients want to look their best on the special day!

While patients seeking this surgery are predominantly female, it is a procedure men seek as well. So, what is the latest look when it comes to rhinoplasty? According to Sharma, it's a nose that is natural and has a more refined look. While most patients recover fully within one week, it takes about six months to appreciate the full results of the surgery.


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