The benefits of Botox are long known -- it puts a halt to wrinkles, and frown lines, but did you know it can also improve your mood?

A small research study out last year found that patients who received Botox injections were less irritable, anxious and depressed. Researchers think they figured out why. Botox prevents you from frowning, which may send a signal to the brain to lighten up! And just like happiness spreads, so may sadness. One researcher says that when you frown, it causes others to frown. By not being able to do so, you may actually be spreading more joy, and let's face it, the world can use more of that.

This is not the first time Botox is linked with other benefits besides a more youthful appearance. It reportedly helps treat other issues, including sweating and migraines, an enlarged prostate and even cancer.

So go ahead, turn that frown upside down, literally!


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