For some people, a simple procedure is all that is needed and they are satisfied. They might only need a small nip here, a little tuck there and then they feel spectacular. For other people, that first surgery can be the opening to a landslide into an addiction to surgical procedures. Not to name names, but there is one blonde reality star/aspiring actress who has gone overboard with the many procedures that she has gone through. She has reportedly had ten to eleven procedures at the same time, something that is not suggested for the average person.

Stare Reality in the Face

Before you schedule any kind of surgery, it is important that you consider why you are interested in the procedure in the first place. Is there really something wrong with that body part or are you just trying to deal with something else in your life through surgery? Don’t consider plastic surgery of any kind:

  • After a breakup of a romantic relationship
  • After a fight with a friend or family member
  • After losing a job or not getting a promotion
  • Because you don’t want to face a day at the gym

There are two types of facial surgeries: reconstructive and cosmetic. If you need to rebuild an injured part of your face or help something to work better through surgery, that is one thing. If you think that you can be “perfect” with plastic surgery, it is important to face those terms and understand why you feel that way.

The Body You Have vs. the Body That You Want

If you are interested in a boob job or liposuction> to make your body better, you have to consider whether it is necessary. Liposuction to deal with five to ten stubborn pounds is not only overkill, it can actually be dangerous. You must understand that liposuction is not a permanent thing, is not a preventative measure and will not stop you from gaining weight once again.

A boob job can give you larger breasts, but if you are counting on those larger breasts to make your life better in some way, you are going to be disappointed. Instead of focusing on plastic surgery to make things better for you, it is important that you understand why you are interested in having them in the first place. If you are disappointed in breast size when you are dressed and facing the day, can you instead boost what you have with a really good bra?

Plastic Surgery Can Be Beneficial

This is not to say that all plastic surgery is bad and that no one could benefit from it. There are many people who will have a nose job and be very happy with it, never going under the knife again. It is only a few people who are prone to going overboard with their plastic surgery desires.

Be realistic with what you want and what you could change with diet, exercise, better makeup or better foundation garments. If none of these things are going to do it for you, then schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon and ask all the questions that you might have. Watch videos of the procedure so that you know what to expect. And, if you find yourself horrified by what you are seeing, then perhaps you should delay scheduling your surgery until you are more ready.

Finding the right plastic surgeon is important, but making sure that everything is right on your end is equally important as well. You should be working toward getting to your healthiest and happiest that you possibly could be. Try to only have one plastic surgery procedure at a time, taking the time to recover in between each one.


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