Your Health After Breast Implants

Your Health After Breast Implants

You’re thinking about getting a breast augmentationor have already done so. Just remember, like anything else, you have to take care of your new breast implants so you can stay in top shape and remain healthy. Here are some tips:

Mind Your Weight

Your breasts are made mostly of fat, which is why they look fuller when you’re a few pounds heavier, and they’re the first things to go when you lose weight. Try to keep a constant weight and avoid yo-yo dieting. Weight loss and gain take a toll on your breasts. All the gaining and losing can lead to stretch marks, and even sagging. This can always be corrected with a breast lift.

Bras Are Your Friend

If you want your breasts to stay perky as you age, you need to provide them with support. Don’t think just because you’ve had breast implants, you can ditch the bra. Nope, if you want your breasts to stay firm into middle age, wear one and make sure it’s the right size. And when you exercise, your breasts need extra support so invest in a good sports bra.

Say No to Smokin

Smoking can be your breasts’ worst enemy. That’s because it can cause them to sag by reducing bloody supply. Bottom line: put that cigarette out for good!


It’s important to get regular mammograms to screen for breast cancer, especially if you have breast implants. The FDA also recommends that if you’ve had silicone implants to get an MRI three years after your surgery, followed by another one every two years.  


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