The word "plastic" derives from the Greek word "Plastikos", which means "to mold or change form". There is actually no connection with modern-day plastic, a synthetic polymer that is moldable when heated. And despite many misconceptions, Plastic Surgery does NOT involve using plastic in the body! The first known Plastic Surgical procedure, reconstruction of the nose, was documented in 18th Century B.C. A man's nose was literally cut off "to spite his face" for punishment, and it was reconstructed using a flap of skin from his arm. See the image with the contraption used to keep the arm attached to the face for approximately three months! Plastic surgery involves both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. Common reconstructive procedures include breast reconstruction after cancer, burn surgery, cleft lip and palate surgery, hand surgery, pressure sore reconstruction, facial fracture correction, skin cancer surgery, and the list goes on...

Plastic Surgery in Miami

Plastic surgery have been growing in popularity especially, in the past 10 years. Getting a “boob job”... is like going in for a routine teeth cleaning. Also known as Breast Augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty), there are lots of things to consider when inquiring about this procedure. The most asked questions are how big? and do I want silicone or saline implants?

Let’s start with size, Living in a place like Miami, women are in constant competition with each other. It is more popular here to have a rather large sized breast. Even though a more voluptuous look is desired you can’t even begin to imagine what goes into the decision making process of what size implant will fit your body. Just because a friend of yours has a 500 cc saline implant, doesn’t mean that you can carry the same implant and have it look the same. Lots of measuring is done in your consultation with your surgeon. Your surgeon wants the best possible result for you and will actually try to talk you out of going so big because of the possible risks such as wound healing complications; stretch marks because the breast is stretched beyond capacity due to the implant, and an overall poor result. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. You’re the one that has to leave that office with the result you were looking for, but a lot of times what you had in mind going into the office is not what you are going to come out with.

Do you want Silicone or Saline implants?

They are both good implants.
However, certain implants are for people with a certain amount of breast tissue starting off. Besides the fact, that one costs more than the other. Saline implants are definitely less expensive. They have a silicone outer shell, but are filled with saline water. The benefits of saline implants are many. For one thing, if you were to have an unexpected deflation you would know right away. The saline water is made of salt water. It is not toxic to the body. Therefore, you would be able to replace the implant right away, if need be. For those who like a more artificial or firmer look, saline implants provide that effect. However, women with little to know breast tissue are not ideal candidates for this type of implant.

The simple reason being, twenty percent out of one hundred patients with saline implants have seen rippling. So, if you’re at the beach and decide to bend down for something, you may be that small percentage of women that runs the risk of the implant showing through the skin. Now, if you have a sufficient amount of breast tissue this will not be a problem. The implant will have a large enough amount of breast tissue to cover any defect. In this case, you would consider the silicone implant. This implant is filled with silicone gel and has a more natural feel to them.

The thing that most women like about this particular implant is that it doesn’t lose its shape or ripple even if you bend down to pick up something. It keeps that nice round shape and maintains its suppleness, but is pricier than the saline implant. The only negative thing about the silicone implant is that is that if there was a leak you would not be able to tell, because the silicone gel stays in place. This is in no way toxic, but periodically an MRI would have to be performed to ensure that there is no leak and in some cases you can develop a capsular contracture. The capsule that is made to fit the implant will harden. All in all, both are very good implants. It just all depends on what your concerns are and what look you are going for. For any additional information on the actual procedure, you can log on to our website.


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