Rhinoplasty: The Skinny on Your Nose Job

Rhinoplasty: The Skinny on Your Nose Job

It used to be that patients would seek Miami nose jobs to get a "skinnier" nose. Today, rhinoplasty is more about facial harmony, and having a nose that fits with your face.

However, a beautiful nose still has to be functional. "It's about getting the proportions right to match the face and chin," explains Jason Altman, M.D., a double board certified plastic surgeon who is also an otorhinologist, an ear, nose and throat doctor. "You have to figure out what the problem is before you fix it." That means preventing complications, and making sure the patient can breathe better, as well as have a great looking nose. Often, he says, a nose job will require chin implants to achieve the best facial balance.

There are two ways of performing a nose job, either open structure or closed structure. With an "open" incision, the doctor makes little incisions between the nostrils so he can see everything inside, and determine if cartiledge needs to be restructured. With a "closed" incision, the incision is made from the inside.

Some of the risks of rhinoplasty include breathing problems or removing too much tissue that can cause the nose to collapse. But, perhaps the worst complication is a bad nose job. Anyone remember Michael Jackson? This underscores the importance of choosing a board certified plastic surgeon with vast experience performing this procedure.

It takes about a full six months to see the full effects of a nose job, and you'll be happy to know the surgery is not at all painful.


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