Popular Questions on Fat Transfer Procedure

Popular Questions on Fat Transfer Procedure

Fat transfers have become a popular cosmetic surgery procedure for those in the South Florida area to have done. Also known as a Brazilian butt lift, a fat transfer helps patients get the curvaceous or proportioned body that is so desirable. Because this is a relatively newer procedure, though, there tends to be a great deal of confusion surrounding the issue. If you are considering this type of plastic surgery procedure, then you may benefit from reviewing these common questions in relation to fat transfer.

Possibly the most popular questions are:

What exactly is a fat transfer?

A fat transfer is a method of plastic surgery used to enhance the buttocks. Patients often opt for this to create a fuller, rounder backside. Unlike a buttocks implant enhancement or a butt lift, a fat transfer is a less invasive method of cosmetic surgery. Patients undergo liposuction in order to collect what is commonly referred to as donor fat. This donor fat is then processed and reintroduced to the body in the buttocks region to create an enhanced look. Using the body's own excess fat enables patients to avoid the risk of tissue rejection. Although the procedure has a lower risk for complications, patients still must endure a recovery period.

Am I the right candidate for a fat transfer?

This is a good question because one must have the right body type to be a good candidate for this type of procedure. A fat transfer is just what the name implies; patients literally transfer fat from one area of the body to another. Of course, another reason the procedure is so popular is because patients are also losing unwanted fat in areas where it is less desirable to have fat.

The only issue is that a candidate must have enough excess body fat to make the procedure a success. Because the fat used, which is called “donor fat,” must come from the patient him or herself, the patient must have the right type of body. Those who are athletic or naturally have lean body types may not be a good match for a fat transfer. In these cases, buttocks implant augmentation or a butt lift would be a better choice. 

What is the consultation for a fat transfer like?

When you schedule a fat transfer consultation, it is to get an idea of the prices for the cosmetic surgery center and get a feel for the plastic surgeon. This is a great time to ask any questions you may have as well as raise any concerns you may have. If you have any pictures of what you hope to look like or the results you hope to achieve, bring these. Though fat transfer is not an exact science for cosmetic surgery, it will give your doctor an idea of what you hope to achieve. He or she can help you understand if this is a possibility for you or not.

The plastic surgeon will also determine if you are a good candidate for a fat transfer based on your excess body fat to use as donor fat, your health, age and medical history. From there you can go ahead and set up your day to have the procedure or go home and do some thinking about it. You may also want to take this time to discuss the potential procedure with your loved ones or friends.

Keep in mind that a fat transfer is a less intensive procedure so you will probably only experience minimal amounts of pain, but you will be under anesthesia, which can cause some people to be hesitant. Write down any questions you come up with and be sure to discuss them with your plastic surgeon during the consultation.


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