If you are unhappy with the appearance of your breasts, you can find the relief you need through a breast lift procedure. Breast lifts are performed on women who are tired of looking at their breasts and wanting more. The procedure involves raising the breast up so that the nipple and areola do not point toward the ground. Upon completion of the surgery, your results will be beautiful, perky breasts that look youthful.

Signs You Need a Lift

If you are wondering whether or not you need to have a breast lift performed, then you probably do need one. Many women experience drooping and sagging as they age or after they have a baby. The sagging may cause you to be self-conscious about your breasts. If you are thinking about a lift, consider the following signs that scream you need one:

1. Downward Nipples

One of the biggest tell-all signs that you need a breast lift is when your nipples point straight toward the floor. Once upon a time your nipples probably faced right out in front of you and had a youthful appearance. Now, when you look down you even have a hard time finding them.

As your breast skin begins to stretch, the nipple and areola begin to point downward as the skin pulls. After surgery, the skin is repositioned so that pulling does not occur.

2. Your Breasts Are the Right Size

If you are considering a breast lift, you need to be happy with the size of your breasts. If you believe your breasts are too small, you will need to have an augmentation done to create the youthful look and fill out your breasts at the same time.

Many women find that they want to have the augmentation performed at the same time to increase the size of their breasts. Once both procedures are performed, your breasts will appear much more full and round.

3. Hidden Nipples

Since you are not playing a game of hide and seek with your nipples, they do not need to sit underneath your breasts. Some women experience sagging and drooping that leads to the nipple hiding in the crease underneath the breast.

You can determine if you need a breast lift by placing a piece of paper underneath your breast. If your nipple touches the paper or hangs below the top of the paper, then you could benefit from the surgery. The lift will raise your breast up to prevent the nipple from hiding.

4. You Are Unhappy With Your Breast Shape

If you are unhappy with the shape of your breasts, you may be a good candidate for a breast lift. Many women who have the procedure performed often have their breasts reshaped at the same time. Since the breast is already cut open, your cosmetic surgeon in FL can move the breast and make sure that it is symmetrical to your other one.

Choosing the Best Lift for You

There are a variety of breast lifts for you to choose from. If you are concerned about the one you selected, speak with your South Florida cosmetic surgeon today to ensure you have chosen correctly. Crescent and Peri-Areolar lifts are designed for people who have little to minimal sagging. The scars are miniscule and will fade over time.

A lollipop breast lift is the most common type performed and is ideal for anyone who has moderate sagging. The lift itself allows the surgeon to reshape the breast to create uniform symmetry.

An inverted T lift is one that is used for extensive sagging and drooping of the breast. During the procedure, the excess skin is removed and the breast is lifted to provide a youthful look.

If you are interested in a breast lift, speak to one of ourSouth Florida cosmetic surgeon today. You can discuss the risks and benefits associated with the different procedure. Your doctor can also let you know whether he or she thinks you need the surgery.


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