You had children and your breasts are not as perky as they were before. Or, perhaps aging and gravity have taken their toll. Don't despair; there's help available! Miami breast lift patients can fix sagging breasts in no time. And, while you're at it, you may want to consider a breast augmentation.

What is a ...

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New Trend Alert: Calf implants

New Trend Alert: Calf implants

You've heard of upper body implants such as breast augmentation, and for the face, chin and cheek implants. Now, implants are heading way south in the form of calf implants.

According to Robert Hunsaker, M.D., a board certified Miami plastic surgeon specializing in procedures of the face and body, there's been a demand for ...

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You've heard of cosmetic procedures such as Botox to treat wrinkles and improve your appearance, but how about plastic surgery that may cure migraines, and wrinkles too?

That's the claim behind a study published in the journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. The fairly new treatment, which is similar to a forehead lift, had an interesting ...

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Miami Summer Sale on Breast Implants

Miami Summer Sale on Breast Implants

The summer is here, and just like the Miami weather, you want to look hot! There’s no better time to undergo a breast augmentation than now, just in time to fit your new body into a pretty bikini.

The Coral Gables Cosmetic Center, home to some of Miami’s best plastic surgeons, is offering a ...

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Forget a new car for a "Quinces" gift that makes an impression. For many quinceaneras, it's all about the nose as more of them are requesting rhinoplasty in Miami as a birthday gift.

The reason behind the trend, according to Miami plastic surgeon Vijay M. Sharma, M.D., M.P.H., a double board certified surgeon and a ...

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For many people rhinoplasty is more than just trying to improve the look and appearance of your nose and overall facial symmetry. A crooked nose, aside from making a person self-conscious about their looks, can also cause breathing issues. For candidates like this, the question of whether rhinoplasty can help or not is a crucial ...

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Top 3 Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Top 3 Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Many types of plastic surgery procedures fall under the cosmetic surgery procedures category only. This isn't to imply there is anything wrong with using plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes. Getting breast implants augmentation or a Brazilian butt lift are both plastic surgery options that are cosmetic but can help people feel more confident and better ...

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When it comes to getting breast implants or other types of plastic surgery procedures, there are plenty of questions one would like to have answered before going through with it. It can be especially important for residents of Miami, where your appearance can be one of your most important aspects. If you are going to ...

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Sclerotherapy or spider vein treatment

Sclerotherapy or spider vein treatment

Sclerotherapy or spider vein treatment is a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure just like a nose job or buttocks enlargement. A plastic surgeon knows that with age a lot of people start noticing tiny groups of purplish veins on our legs, namely ankles, calves and thighs.

They are spider veins.

So Why Do We Get ...

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Get Your Plastic Surgery in Miami

Get Your Plastic Surgery in Miami

Tempting ads promising great prices and a discreet surgery can lure you abroad for your plastic surgery. But, there are many reasons to stay in Miami when getting cosmetic work. The promise of refreshing your appearance while on vacation or on business travel can be enticing. Some people turn to international destinations like the Dominican ...

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