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Aside from simply making the decision to go through with a procedure to improve your rear view, you should discover what exactly your different options are. There are many reasons women want to alter their buttocks, from creating a rounder look to having more backside to fill out their bikini bottoms. If you desire a ...

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Miami Plastic Surgery and the Pocketbook

Miami Plastic Surgery and the Pocketbook

The economy may be down, but that's not deterring people from getting plastic surgery in Miami.

Some doctors say patients are coming in because they want to look younger to compete for jobs. Some of them are even dipping into their retirement funds to finance their surgery. Patients ages 35 to 55 most often request ...

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Many potential plastic surgery patients seek the expert advice of a cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon before getting a procedure done to find out what type of results to expect. This is a wise choice to make. Before investing the time and money into getting a plastic surgery procedure done, you should have an idea ...

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Miami Breast Implants at Great Price

Miami Breast Implants at Great Price

Do you feel your chest is too small, and dream about undergoing a breast augmentation? Perhaps you fear plastic surgery, or think you just can't afford it. Here's your chance to get the cleavage you wish nature had given you. At the Coral Gables Cosmetic Center, some of Miami's finest plastic surgeons can give you ...

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New data shows that Brazilian butt lifts are on the rise as a preferred plastic surgery procedure. It is no surprise that would be true for an area such as Florida, especially Miami where your looks are one of the most important assets you can have. Relaxing among the other sun gods and goddesses of ...

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British Botox Register: Will it Work?

British Botox Register: Will it Work?

Patients in the UK who want to get Botox or any other dermal filler are getting help to keep them safe.

The government-backed "Treatments You Can Trust", run by the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS), just opened to the public this week. The website is basically a register of responsible practitioners who administer the anti-aging ...

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Sun, fun and beautiful bodies … you’re always bound to find these three in Miami. When it comes to good looks, most women in the Magic City don’t settle for what nature gave, (or didn’t give) them. Miami plastic surgeryis fairly common.

Let’s face it, our weather provides the perfect opportunity to sport a ...

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If you've always wanted flat board abs, the kind that turn heads on the beach, abdominoplasty, or a Miami tummy tuck, may be able to help you get them.

However, before you hurry to sign up for a tummy tuck, make sure it's the right surgery for you. Often, people think they get the same ...

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Some Miami breast augmentation patients may have gotten breast implantslong before they knew they wanted kids. Or, maybe they got breast augmentation after having a baby, but now have another one on the way. Perhaps they want children someday, but want breast implants, now. The question: Is it safe to breastfeed after a breast ...

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Your Health After Breast Implants

Your Health After Breast Implants

You’re thinking about getting a breast augmentationor have already done so. Just remember, like anything else, you have to take care of your new breast implants so you can stay in top shape and remain healthy. Here are some tips:

Mind Your Weight

Your breasts are made mostly of fat, which is why they ...

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